Terms of Conditions

1. About

The Terms of Conditions are a legally binding agreement that is made between the customer, or end user, and the company. These are concerned with your access to our website, applications, software and professional services and any other media or content made available that is connected to our website. By agreeing to our Terms and Conditions, you make sure that you have read and understood all of these Terms and you agree to be bound by them. And if you do not agree with any of these terms, then you are prohibited from using our services.

Terms and conditions or documents that are posted on the website are incorporated by reference. And we make frequent changes to this Agreement. We will also make sure to give you at least 30 days advance notice of any changes and also an opportunity if you want to opt-out. You can do that by sending an informal email at support@autoramp.co

We will also alert you about any changes by updating the date of this Agreement. And if you do not opt-out of new changes, you will have agreed to those changes and you will be bound by them. But if you do in fact opt-out of such changes, then it means our legal agreement will be bounded by the last version of these Terms of Conditions that you accepted.

There are also some additional terms and conditions for the add-on products and services. And they can also be added to this Agreement at any given time. These terms and conditions are called “Product Specific Terms” as seen below.

Apart from some certain kinds of disputes, you agree that any disputes that arise under this Agreement will be resolved by binding and individual arbitration. And by accepting this agreement both you and AutoRamp are waiving the right to a trial by Jury or participation in any class action lawsuit. Your rights will be determined by a neutral arbitrator and not a judge or jury.

The Services of our websites are only intended for users who are 18 plus. People under the age of 18 are not allowed to register for our site.


2. Our Privacy Policy

You can find our privacy policy here: attach link

It explains how we collect and use your personal information that pertains to your privacy. By using our site, you agree to be bound by our Privacy Policy which is also incorporated into this Agreement. Furthermore, we do not accept or solicit information from children and nor do we knowingly market to children. So, if we receive knowledge that anyone under the age of 13 has given us personal information without parental consent, we will make sure to delete that information from the site as quickly as possible.‍


3. Rules For User Conduct

You have to register with us if you want to access our services. And while registering, you must provide your complete and accurate information. If we have reason to believe your provided information is incorrect or incomplete, then we may terminate your account and your use of our Services. You must agree to keep your password confidential and it is only you who will be responsible for your account and password. You cannot allow use of your credentials to access the Services through automated means, be it through a bot, or otherwise. We have the right to remove, reclaim, or change a username selected by you if we determine that the username is inappropriate, or objectionable otherwise. Upon any unauthorized use of your password or account, you must agree to notify us. Autoramp will not help responsible for any losses arising from unauthorized use of your username, password or account.

If you are an organization or corporate entity, the person accepting this Agreement on your behalf is the representative of the authority to bind the Corporate Entity to this Agreement. You can allow users working for you or your affiliates to use our Services under your subscription to the Services, as long as the total number of users does not exceed the number of users that you are paying for and also as long as used in a single business. On allowing your end-users to use your account, you agree that you will be responsible and liable for all acts of these users, and you agree that your users and affiliate may have access to your data that you can access through your account.

We are not responsible for enforcing data access restrictions between you and your affiliates. If you have registered for our Services under a name other than the legal name of your business, we can require you to verify that all licenses purchased by you are used by you or your affiliates only.  And if you are using multiple end user accounts with more than one operating business then you must disclose this to us at time of registration. If you fail to do so then it will constitute a breach of your obligations.


4. Proprietary rights

The software and other services provided through our website are protected by intellectual property and copyright laws worldwide. Our customers acknowledge and agree that all rights, titles, and interests to the software and other documentation developed for our customers shall be owned solely and exclusively by Autoramp.


5. Updates to the Software

Updates are the changes to our Software that improves its functionality. These updates also include patches. Patches are just amendments to the Software with the aim of resolving a specific problem. These patches and updates can also be used to change legal requirements, but with an agreement with AutoRamp that states that the customer has no claim to this. The customer recognizes that we may only test patches and updates for standard installation. There is no assurance given of a certain patch or update leaving the functionality of our Software unchanged.


6. Forum

AutoRamp will make a forum available to our customers free of charge in which he or she shall be able to exchange opinions with other customers. But AutoRamp can discontinue the forum at any time. Customers are solely responsible for the content they post on the forum. The content posted by the customer is third-party content which AutoRamp does not make its own. We are only a technical service provider, providing only the forum for our customers, not responsible for third-party content.

If AutoRamp becomes aware of any legal infringements in the forum, we shall delete these posts or restrict access. The customer must indemnify AutoRamp against all claims asserted against it on account of content posted by the customer in the first place. This also includes the customary costs of legal defense arising from defense against claims of third parties.


7. Protection of data

AutoRamp is bound by its Privacy Policy to protect your data.  The processing of your data takes place in accordance with the provisions of applicable data protection law.

Both contracting parties have complied with the applicable data protection regulations. They will oblige their employees to maintain the confidentiality of personal data. AutoRamp reserves the right of ownership and copyright to any illustrations, calculations, and other documents. The documents that are designated as “confidential information” or “business secrets” are only passed onto third-parties in text form with the prior, explicit consent of AutoRamp.