Inventory Management

Inventory Management with AutoRamp

Inventory tracking enables you to maintain track of stocked items in various places. This means the inventory information is routinely changed to represent a transaction. The functionality also allows you to keep track of product expiry dates. Stock control helps the company in several respects. You will still see your stock levels because you don’t underspend on well-stocked products. You may also receive information on Inventory Management levels to decide which items sell rapidly and stay on the shelf for a prolonged period. This allows you to prepare the inventory and restocking expenditures and make a rational purchase decision. Receiving notifications regarding the expiry dates of inventory products helps you to swap out-of-date items.

This guarantees that consumers still get high-quality goods, which influences their value and commitment to the company. Stock control, among the most crucial features of a point of sale scheme, maintains control of all supplies, so you recognize whether it’s able to schedule not buy particular products. You must be able to do the following using your POS system:

  • Electronically check and count items
  • Create product combinations and manage the inventory (size, color)
  • Offer each piece of merchandise a specific serial number
  • Monitor inventory amounts in various places
  • Allow for smooth buying by, for example, automatically scheduling personalized rearranges of best-sellers
  • Consolidating transactions and requests into a single transaction

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