Employee Management

Employee Management with AutoRamp

AutoRamp lowers operating rates, boosts workforce morale. AutoRamp gives you complete influence of what your workers see and accomplish within a single cohesive structure. We support something that saves you money and time. With the simple Employee Management batch processing function, you can monitor employee time spent working directly and between changes from either place. You can promptly check it on almost any smartphone, ensuring that they pay what they have been paid.

Employees will clock in and out by inserting their Entry PIN on either computer. You may delegate unique tasks to your employees by using AutoRamp. The tasks are the simplest and most straightforward way to handle employee rights. Create, assign, and execute various employee functions and approvals to manage their connection to AutoRamp. This reduces fraud and restricts employee accessibility through IP addresses. By this feature, garage owners to control AutoRamp only inside the shop.

Employees must have easy, full rights to their account during maintenance. Rather than signing out and back in, AutoRamp helps you swap user accounts with a 4-number Login PIN easily. It does not need a user id and pin, and employees will move to their profiles in seconds. You will now evaluate the Employee Management efficiency in a much more effective and graceful fashion. Establish sales targets for workers. As well, calculate how many hours a worker wasted on a particular modification.

Our repair software provides you various unique benefits over the other repair software. It is easy to control and manage your data related to your garage.

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